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Our Process

1. Proposal
Before a proposal is prepared, you are invited to visit a Mønhuset model home, if possible. Once you have selected your new home, we prepare an initial Project Scope of Work, that would include your desired options, a Cost Estimate and a preliminary Project Schedule.
2. Contract
Once we have agreed on the contract details, it is reviewed and signed. The contract will include any project clarifications and additions.
3. Project Preparation
Selection and purchase of final home location. Modifications made as requested,and final materials reviewed and selected with you, and project adjustments are made as necessary.
4. Permitting
Required drawings and documentation are submitted to local authorities for review andapprovals. The timespan for this step will vary from municipality to municipality.
5. Preparation For Construction
The project is prepared for construction with final drawings, descriptions, lists,, etc. as required by the selected builder. Final adjustments, as may be required by the municipality, are made at this stage.
6. Construction Period
Your house is built with ongoing supervision and quality control. Scheduled project updates are made with you as required.
7. Delivery
Delivery is made. In the event of any possible errors or omissions, these are rectified within a very short period of time.
8. One-year Review
One year after completion, your home is inspected, with you and the builder for any possible oversights or defects. Any errors or omissions are rectified within a short period of time.


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